CNC Plasma Profiling Machines

KUTAVAR is a high precision, high performing, robust CNC plasma machine, designed to be simplistic and intuitive.


A simple and effective solution for cutting stainless and low carbon mild steel.


An environmentally clean process of capturing and removing dust and fume particles from the atmosphere during the cutting process.

World Class Cutting at your Fingertips

KUTAVAR has been designed to micron (┬Ám) tolerances, not millimetres. Components are precision machined from graded aluminium alloy tooling plate, guaranteeing the fundamental characteristics specified at the design stage, these being: Mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability.

The KUTAVAR machine bed is applied with a powder coated surface, ensuring a durable and long-lasting coating, allowing it to perform in the most severe of environments. The machine gantry is surface anodised, allowing a high adhesion with the aluminium alloy without compromise to the dimensional tolerance of components.

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Intuitive, powerful, yet simple to use software

KUTAVAR motion control and software incorporate CAD, CAM, CNC, with a pre-loaded library of standard flexi-shapes and profile nesting capabilities. Motor options available include NEMA 34 hybrid stepper and servo motors. Imports of DXF, G-code/NC files, and silhouette image imports are also a standard feature. Customers will find the KUTAVAR software simple and intuitive to use, realising its powerful and seemingly endless capabilities.

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