Design for Manufacture

KUTAVAR CNC plasma machines are available in two variants: Water or Zoned Extraction. All machines are highly configurable, designed for use with both air and high-definition plasma.

KUTAVAR has the capability of incorporating *oxy-fuel gas cutting in addition to plasma, allowing cut thicknesses of up to 100 mm in mild steel. This is made possible by the heavy-duty design of build, with permissible payloads of up to 5,000 Kg.

*(NB. Zoned Extraction machines only).

British Manufacturing

KUTAVAR - Designed and manufactured to be the best in class

We thought of every detail, designing each individual component to seamlessly fit together to produce machines that our customer’s demand.

A machine that is robustly engineered and built, capable of consistently performing in the most challenging of working environments, whilst producing guaranteed accuracy.



KUTAVAR Dimensions

wdt_IDtableReference1250 x 12502500 x 12503000 x 15004000 x 2000
tableReference1250 x 12502500 x 12503000 x 15004000 x 2000
wdt_IDTableDrive MotorsDTHCIHSAVCAHSSoftwareBreakaway Head
1440150W QV stepper
2840150W QV stepper
31050150W QV stepper
41265150W QV stepper
TableDrive MotorsDTHCIHSAVCAHSSoftwareBreakaway Head
Powered by

Powered by Hypertherm & Kjellberg

KUTAVAR CNC plasma machines are powered by the two leading global brands in plasma cutting, Hypertherm and Kjellberg. Depending on which power source is selected, a maximum pierce capacity of 32 mm is achievable on mild steel, and 25 mm on aluminium and stainless steel. There is a power source available to suit all applications.

1Pierce Capacity (MS)12 mm16 mm20 mm20 mm25 mm32 mm
2Pierce Capacity (SS)12 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm20 mm22 mm
3Pierce Capacity (ALU)10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25 mm22 mm
4Output Current20-45A20-65A25-85A30-105A30-125A200A
5GAS SUPPLYAir or N2 / F5Air or N2 / F5Air or N2 / F5Air or N2 / F5Air or N2 / F5Air / Air O2
6INPUT VOLTAGE230 V, 1-PH 415 V, 3-PH415 V, 3-PH415 V, 3-PH415 V, 3-PH415 V, 3-PH415 V, 3-PH
wdt_IDPOWERSOURCECutfire 100iSmart Focus 200
1Pierce Capacity (MS)20 mm30 mm
2Pierce Capacity (SS)20 mm30 mm
3Pierce Capacity (ALU)15 mm25 mm
4Output Current35-100A20-200A
5GAS SUPPLYAirO2 Ar / H2, N2, Air
6INPUT VOLTAGE415 V, 3-PH415 V, 3-PH
POWERSOURCECutfire 100iSmart Focus 200