Simple, Powerful, Intuitive
CAD/CAM/CNC Plasma Software

Simple yet powerful

If you have little to no CAD experience, KUTAVAR software makes it simple for you. In its 2D CAD suite you can quickly create your own shape, import DXF or DWG files, silhouette images, or choose from the library of pre-drawn shapes.

From design to cutting

From modifying drawings to the nesting of multiple parts to creating bolt-ready holes, KUTAVAR makes it a seamless process from design to cutting, providing you with world-class cutting at your fingertips.

Fully integrated solution

With integrated plasma and oxyfuel charts including Hypertherm, Kjellberg and other popular brands, it takes the guesswork out of important cutting parameters like feedrate, kerf, cut height and voltage.

Cost calculation

Easily calculate the price of each part in the nesting feature by inputting your material KG price.

Advanced Controls

Advanced controls make cutting easier and more efficient than ever. Features such as true shape nesting, which can duplicate and automatically place parts on the sheet to minimize wastage during cutting.

Software Overview

Completely integrated CAD, CAM, and CUT for 2D cutting. From design to cutting, our software is intuitive in use and packed full of features. Watch our overview video.

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CAD Features

  • Shape Library
  • Fix Drawing Tool
  • Bridge Entities Tool
  • Shape Welding Tool
  • Measuring Tool
  • Part Shading
  • Free Form Stretching
  • Free Form Manipulation
  • Layer Support
  • Centreline Image Support
  • Silhouette Image Support
  • Multi-Layer Colour Image Import
  • DXF/DWG Import
  • Arc Fitting
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CAM Features

  • TrueShape Nesting
  • Automatic Kerf Compensation
  • Import of parts from external files
  • Grid Nesting
  • Corner Looping
  • Tabbing
  • Overburn Support
  • Advanced Leading Lead Out Editing
  • Animated 3D Cutting Simulation
  • Cut Sequencing
  • Operation Sequencing
  • Cutout or Part Mode
  • Advanced Small Hole Processing
  • Customisable Post Processor
  • Multiple Tabs
  • Drag, Delete, Rotate, Copy Parts on the Nest
  • Multi-sheet and Fill Sheet True Shape Nesting
  • Graphical Editing of Leading Lead out Location
  • Custom Views of Kerf Width, Cut Direction, Toolpath, Rapids and Part Geometry
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CNC Features

  • Automatic Lead In on Restart
  • Dynamic THC on/off
  • Jump to Line
  • Dry Run
  • Momentary Run
  • Run File Forward and Backwards
  • Kerf Crossing Detection
  • Progress Meter
  • Move to Point in Viewport
  • Rip Cutting
  • THC Performance History Chart
  • Smart Touch Off
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Application Features

  • Plasma
  • Oxyfuel
  • Marker and Plasma Marking
  • DXF Export
  • Part Shading
  • Commonly Used Plate List
  • 3D Cutting Simulation
  • Customisable Cut Charts
  • Customisable Default Lead in, Lead Out Strategies
  • Material Database (Cut Chart Support)
  • Printing Support for Part Number Labels, Nest Report and Nest
  • Advanced Text including True Type Font Support Without Exploding and Curved Text Around any Shape

Experience the power of our software

Our intuitive CNC software creates accurate toolpaths instantly and enables you to go from drawing to toolpath to cutting quickly and easily. The best way to experience the power of our software is through a personal demonstration.

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