Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Cutting Consumables

High-Quality Genuine Consumables

Ordering Consumables

Existing KUTAVAR customers can easily order consumables for their plasma machines from our large stock in Hereford.

We carry all consumables from our plasma partners Hypertherm & Kjellberg and consumables for our Oxy-fuel gas cutting torch. Genuine torches and consumables enhance cut quality, extend consumable life, and boost productivity – at the lowest possible operating cost.

KUTAVAR customers will receive their plasma consumables the next day, provided they are in stock and ordered before 3:30 pm.

Order Your Consumables

Consumables Guides

If you are looking for plasma consumables it’s essential to order the correct parts based on your system, material, or amperage.
Download our consumables guides for your Hypertherm plasma cutting systems.

Powermax 45XP/65/85/105 Consumables

Hypertherm Powermax (45XP,65,85,105) Duramax® Lock Machine Torch

Powermax SYNC Consumables

Hypertherm Powermax 65/85/105 SYNC SmartSYNC™ Machine Torch

Powermax 125 Consumables

Hypertherm Powermax 125 Duramax Hyamp™ Machine Torch

MAXPRO200 Consumables

Hypertherm MAXPRO200® Machine Torch