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KUTAVAR is a high precision, high performing, robust CNC plasma cutting machine, designed to be simplistic and intuitive.

Quality and repeatability are at the heart of every KUTAVAR machine. When working to the Thermal cutting industry standard, ISO 9013:2017, alignment, stability, and accuracy are critical to the machine’s performance when consistent clean-cut surface quality is expected.

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British Manufacturing

KUTAVAR - Designed and manufactured to be the best in class

We thought of every detail, designing each individual component to seamlessly fit together to produce machines that our customer’s demand.

A machine that is robustly engineered and built, capable of consistently performing in the most challenging of working environments, whilst producing guaranteed accuracy.

CNC Plasma Table Cutting Size

Kutavar CNC Plasma table standard sizes can be found below. All dimensions are in mm. In the event that a customer wishes to specify a machine outside of the standard sizes produced, please speak with us as we may be able to offer a bespoke solution.

wdt_ID table Reference 1250mm x 1250mm 2500mm x 1250mm 3000mm x 1500mm 4000mm x 2000mm
1 440 W1 1350 1350 1600 2100
2 840 W2 1980 1980 2230 2730
3 1.050 L1 1545 2575 3090 4120
4 1.265 L2 2065 3095 3610 4640
5 H1 750 750 750 750
6 H2 1600 1600 1600 1600
7 C1 1250 2500 3000 4000
8 C2 1250 1250 1500 2000
table Reference 1250mm x 1250mm 2500mm x 1250mm 3000mm x 1500mm 4000mm x 2000mm
Powered by

Powered by Hypertherm & Kjellberg

KUTAVAR CNC plasma cutting machines are powered by the two leading global brands in plasma cutting, Hypertherm and Kjellberg. Depending on which power source is selected, a maximum pierce capacity of 32 mm is achievable on mild steel, and 25 mm on aluminium and stainless steel. There is a power source available to suit all applications.

wdt_ID POWERSOURCE Powermax 45 XP Powermax 65 Powermax 85 Powermax 105 Powermax 125 MAXPRO200 XPR170 XPR300
1 Pierce Capacity (MS) 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 22 mm 25 mm 32 mm 40 mm 50 mm
2 Pierce Capacity (SS) 12 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 25 mm 25 mm 22 mm 38 mm
3 Pierce Capacity (ALU) 10 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 25 mm 32 mm 25 mm 38 mm
4 Output Current 20-45A 20-65A 25-85A 30-105A 30-125A 200A 170A 300A
5 GAS SUPPLY Air or N2 / F5 Air or N2 / F5 Air or N2 / F5 Air or N2 / F5 Air or N2 / F5 Air / Air O2 O2 Ar / H2, N2, Air / F5 O2 Ar / H2, N2, Air / F5
6 INPUT VOLTAGE 230 V, 1-PH415 V, 3-PH 415 V, 3-PH 415 V, 3-PH 415 V, 3-PH 415 V, 3-PH 415 V, 3-PH 415 V, 3-PH 415 V, 3-PH
POWERSOURCE Powermax 45 XP Powermax 65 Powermax 85 Powermax 105 Powermax 125 MAXPRO200 XPR170 XPR300
wdt_ID POWERSOURCE Cutfire 100i Smart Focus 200
1 Pierce Capacity (MS) 20 mm 30 mm
2 Pierce Capacity (SS) 20 mm 30 mm
3 Pierce Capacity (ALU) 15 mm 25 mm
4 Output Current 35-100A 20-200A
5 GAS SUPPLY Air O2 Ar / H2, N2, Air
6 INPUT VOLTAGE 415 V, 3-PH 415 V, 3-PH
POWERSOURCE Cutfire 100i Smart Focus 200

Gearbox & Motor Options

Configurable with NEMA 34 high torque stepper motors or, NEMA 34 servo motors with encoder, combined with high precision planetary gearboxes with a gear ratio of 10:1.

Stepper Motors

Incorporating stepper motors achieves a smooth and stable torque at lower speeds. Stepper motor rated speed is lower than that achieved by servo motors, as a result of back EMF forcing a reduction in torque during increased speed and acceleration. Industrial stepper motors are lower in cost in comparison to servo motors.

NEMA 34, 2.08 V DC, 2 stack high torque stepper motor. The motor features rated torque, current, speed, and power of 5.5 Nm, 6.3A, 750 rpm, and 420 W respectively.

Servo Motors

Incorporating servo motors can achieve higher speed rates when traversing than a stepper motor, along with providing a higher degree of positional accuracy from closed-loop feedback, and permits generating a higher torque during increased speed and acceleration. Industrial servo motors are higher in cost in comparison to stepper motors.

NEMA 34, 80 V DC continuous torque brushless servo motor. The motor features rated torque, current, speed, and power of 1.3 Nm, 6.5A, 3,000 rpm, and 420 W respectively.


Optional Extras for Your CNC Machine

The filter unit is positioned at the air inlet to the plasma power source. The filter is designed to capture any remaining moisture content in the air supply, which if present shall have a detrimental impact on the quality of cuts, along with rapidly deteriorating consumable lifespan.

A super-silenced, oil-lubricated rotary screw-type air compressor with a refrigerant dryer. Features include a 400V, 7.5 KW / 10 HP motor, with effective free air delivery of 1 m3/min, and a 250 litre condense trap. Manufactured in Germany and has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty when installed by an approved BOGE installer.

The engraving device allows operators to scribe cut part numbers, identification tags, logos and illustrations into your sheet material.

An in-line central fan that operates continuously, is designed to exhaust smoke and dust particles into the outside atmosphere. The extractor does not contain any form of filtration system, and therefore special attention should be considered to its application regarding the exhaust discharge area and proximity to property boundaries.

A central extraction and filtration system, designed to capture both smoke and dust particles, and recirculate clean air. The unit is standalone and is especially suited when ductwork through an exterior wall is not practical. The unit comes installed with KemTex® ePTFE membrane filter cartridges, designed to capture and separate ultra-fine dust particles below 0.1 µm (0.1 microns).

The slats are designed for when increased contact is necessary between thin sheet material and the table itself. Limiting the degree of sheet material deflection following heat distortion generated from the plasma power source, provides greater stability for the material, maximising cut quality and yield.

Extraction Type

KUTAVAR CNC plasma machines are available in two variants: Water or Zoned Extraction. All machines are highly configurable, designed for use with both air and high-definition plasma.

KUTAVAR has the capability of incorporating *oxy-fuel gas cutting in addition to plasma, allowing cut thicknesses of up to 100 mm in mild steel. This is made possible by the heavy-duty design of build, with permissible payloads of up to 5,000 Kg. *(NB. Zoned Extraction machines only).


Machine slats sit within a tank that is filled with a mixture of water and biologicut fluid.

The water is used to trap the metal particles coming off the material during the cutting process and steam vapour is emitted to the atmosphere because of the heat generated.

Biologicut is a chemical additive that has anti-rust properties and is used to eliminate any growth of bacteria in the water.

Zoned Extraction

The configuration of the machine table consists of bins, trays, and slats.

The sleigh of the machine accordingly opens the zoned baffles giving a powerful localized suction in the area which the plasma is operating, which in turn extracts the smoke fumes through either an extraction fan or, via a central extraction and filtration system.

Operators can work in a smoke and dust-free environment with this table configuration.


Configure Your KUTAVAR

Using our configurator, you can easily spec a CNC plasma machine to your exact requirements. Start by selecting your table series, table size, power source, and any optional extras. One of our experts will be in touch to provide you with a bespoke quotation.

Configure Your Table

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