How to choose the best CNC Software?

In this guide, we discuss the key factors to consider when choosing CNC plasma-cutting software. From user-friendly interfaces to advanced features like nesting parts and importing files, we’ll explore the crucial elements that can elevate your cutting precision and efficiency.

Stay ahead with CNC technology by making an informed decision on the software that best aligns with your needs.

1) How much does the software cost?

Other OEMs may use a subscription model for their software, with many features hidden behind paywalls and made inaccessible. This can also prove difficult should you wish to sell your machine at a later date.

KUTAVAR includes the software within the offer for the machine. It is a complete package with no ongoing fees.

2) How many licences do I get?

Most CNC machines are only sold with one software licence – on the machine itself. This can be frustrating if there are multiple users or the machine is in an educational setting.

As standard, a new KUTAVAR will come complete with two licences. One is on the machine itself, and the other is on a computer of your choice. Schools and colleges are eligible for up to eight additional free software licences.

3) Can I Edit Existing Files?

Nearly all CNC plasma machines will allow you to nest imported parts and cut them from within the software. However, you will be unable to design or even edit incorrect parts, increasing lead times and the chance of mistakes. 

KUTAVAR software is a complete CAD – CAM – CNC suite. This allows you to edit existing files and design and create custom parts.

4) What Files Can I Import?

Most CNC software will enable the import of commonly used files, such as DXF, DWG & CADCAM files. Older machines may require a separate post-processor to convert files into a usable format.

KUTAVAR supports the import of DXF, DWG, and CADCAM files. You can also create a cutting outline of PNG and JPEG image files through our software.

5) Can I simulate the Cutting of Parts?

“Measure twice, cut once” is a proverb usually associated with carpentry but the same rings true for cutting metal. Knowing how your parts will look before they’re finished can reduce your lead times and save you money.

Through a combination of Kutavar’s ‘dry run’ feature, advanced 3D simulation, and visible G-code, you can easily simulate your toolpath before a cut has been made. This allows you to produce parts, right-first time.

6) Are there any software tutorials?

Knowing what the software looks like and how it operates is essential when choosing the best CNC software. Most OEMs should have demonstrations available on their website or YouTube channels.

You can find a wide variety of tutorials for KUTAVAR in our Software Video Library.

7) Can it be used for multi-torch setups?

Many compact CNC cutting tables are designed for use with only one torch head. Most commonly, plasma or oxy-fuel.

Available with all Kutavar zoned-extraction tables is the option of cutting with Oxy-fuel and plasma. A simple manual changeover lets the operator quickly alternate between plasma and gas-cutting.

8) Can it be used remotely?

Often overlooked as a feature, the ability to remotely access the CNC machine can prove especially useful for any technical issues that would normally require a site visit from an engineer.

With Teamviewer, your team or ours can easily access the KUTAVAR software remotely. Our software is also available to download on your computer and you can transfer and access files across your I.T. network.

9) Does the software include templates?

Many CNC machines include a small collection of predetermined shapes that can be slightly changed. These are best used by those not familiar with CNC cutting machines.

KUTAVAR software includes an extensive library of basic pre-loaded shapes, from baseplates to flanges to brackets. All parts are completely customisable.

10) Can it compensate for warping?

KUTAVAR includes accurate Torch Height Control (THC) software, in combination with voltage sampling, constantly measuring the distance between the torch and the workpiece during a cut.

A consistent distance between the torch and the workpiece will positively impact the quality of the cut. i.e., increased dross build-up, bevelling, and rough edges.


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