KUTAVAR is unique within the market of CNC plasma profiling machines. We are the only specialists in compact CNC plasma machines that can offer the full range of Hypertherm plasma power sources, from the Powermax 45XP up to the High-definition XPR 300.

Most KUTAVAR customers require a power source in the middle of this range. Namely, the Hypertherm MAXPRO200® or the Powermax 105. Both plasma cutters will comfortably cut 20 mm thick mild steel but have their unique strengths that can make choosing the correct power source for your needs complex.

In this article, we will review both Hypertherm plasma units in detail so you can make an informed choice when bringing your profiling in-house.

Pierce Capacity

For CNC plasma cutting, the Powermax 105 has a pierce capacity of 22 mm. The MAXPRO200® has a capacity of 32 mm. Simply, this is because the MAXPRO200® offers nearly double the amperage of the Powermax 105.

Cut Speed

Faster cutting speeds are directly proportional to productivity for your business. When cutting thinner material, the differences in speed are almost negligible between the Powermax 105 and MAXPRO200® . For example, when cutting 6 mm mild steel both plasma machines will cut at approximately 4000 mm/min*. *MAXPRO200® at 130A Oxy/Air PMX105 at 105A Air*

The difference is most notable when cutting materials thicker than 15 mm. When cutting 20 mm mild steel on a Powermax 105, you can expect cutting speeds of 780 mm/min. A MAXPRO200® will cut the same material at nearly 2000 mm/min, 2.5x faster! *MAXPRO200® at 200A Oxy/Air PMX105 at 105A Air*

Cutting Gas

The Hypertherm Powermax 105 uses clean and dry compressed air when cutting mild steel, which is then superheated to form plasma. This offers a low-cost and economical way to cut conductive materials both as an initial investment and ongoing. Provided you have a suitable compressor.

The MAXPRO200® can also be used with compressed air when cutting although has the option of using pure Oxygen as its plasma gas rather than air. Pure Oxygen burns hotter than air and so enables faster cutting speeds and produces better quality cuts with little to no dross, minimising the time and expense of cleaning parts before welding. When cutting with Oxygen, air is used as the shielding gas surrounding the plasma arc.

Torches & Consumables

KUTAVAR integrate the Hypertherm MAXPRO200® with a 180° water-cooled machine torch. Designed around the MAXPRO200® ’s 100% duty cycle, your consumables should last longer thanks to the water-cooling allowing the torch to run at the optimal temperature.

Hypertherm’s revolutionary SYNC series cartridges are recommended for use with the 105 Sync. SmartSYNC torches feature RFID capability that when coupled with a Hypertherm cartridge will communicate with the Powermax SYNC system to automatically set the amperage and process on the power supply.


When making a final decision on which Hypertherm power source to pair with your KUTAVAR, ultimately cost will be a large factor in your decision. A new Hypertherm MAXPRO200® will cost approximately twice as much as a new Hypertherm Powermax 105 SYNC. Both machines have a standard 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for the power source and a 1-year warranty for the torch.

It’s a fine balance between the quality and capacity of a MAXPRO200® and the lower cost of a Powermax 105 SYNC.

What our customers say

Kutavar in the field

See how our customers use these power sources at Collins Design & Build Ltd and S+H Steel Frames Ltd. More customer testimonials be found here.

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“Saves us so much time in turning around jobs and being more responsive to our customers!”

Machine Size: 3 x 1.5mtr Extraction
Power source: Hypertherm MAXPRO200
Optional Extras: Engraver

“After the set-up, we were producing parts within a few hours!”

Machine Size: 3 x 1.5mtr Waterbed
Power source: Hypertherm Powermax105
Optional Extras: Engraver


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