CNC plasma-cutting machines are at the forefront of modern manufacturing, allowing businesses to achieve remarkable accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

However, behind the impressive cutting capabilities of CNC plasma machines lies a crucial component: the software that drives them.

Whether you’re seeking to optimise your current processes or exploring new avenues for business growth, the Kutavar CNC plasma software features hold the key to unlocking your full potential in metal fabrication.

Here are the top 10 features of the Kutavar software you can utilise to maximise your cutting capabilities and increase profitability:

1) Shape Library

KUTAVAR CNC software has an extensive library of basic pre-loaded shapes. Ranging from baseplates to flanges to brackets. All parts are completely customisable, with every parameter able to be modified.

2) Import Silhouettes/DXF or DWG files

KUTAVAR not only allows for the easy importing of DXF & DWG files but also PNG & JPEG image files. Greatly expanding your design options.

3) Edit DXF Drawings

After your file has been successfully imported, the KUTAVAR software allows you to modify the drawing at will. Thanks to our unique all-in-one CAD CAM CNC programme there’s never a need to go back to the drawing board.

4) Fix Drawing Tool

Complex drawings or imperfect imports may have some lines that are not correctly joined. Through KUTAVAR software, this is easily fixed with a single button. The aptly named “Fix Drawing” button will search for any unconnected joints and overlaps within it’s set tolerances before highlighting and fixing them automatically.

5) Bridge Entities Tool

The “Bridge Entities Tool” is used to create connections or ‘bridges’ between parts. For example, if you’re designing a ring-shaped part and don’t want the centre to be separate, bridging from one side to the other will keep it as a single, complete piece.

6) Intuitive User Interface

Learning a new, unfamiliar software can be a steep learning curve. KUTAVAR makes it simple. With processes clearly labeled and features grouped by function, it is easy to find what you’re looking for.

7) TrueShape Nesting

KUTAVAR TrueShape Nesting, guarantees to make the most efficient use of each sheet. Whether it’s one part or multiple, TrueShape will orientate the parts to completely fill any size sheet. Reducing waste and giving accurate part counts for your production.

8) Advanced CAM Settings

Complete control is given to you with KUTAVAR. Our advanced CAM settings allow a trained user to finely tune the software to optimise their performance. From adjusting the feed rate to cut height and everything in between.

9) Advanced Lead-In Lead-Out Editing

Best used when guaranteeing quality holes. KUTAVAR software enables both simple and in-depth editing of lead-ins and lead-outs. When creating a toolpath the lead-in & lead-outs are generated automatically but can be adjusted individually or en masse by simply updating the parameters in the CAM software.

10) 3D Simulation of Cut Parts

KUTAVAR guarantees you get your parts right, first time. Saving money and reducing lead times. Through a combination of our ‘dry run’ feature, advanced 3D simulation, and visible G-code, You’ll know how your parts look before a cut has even been made.


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